3 Must Have Styles for Summer Outfits

3 Must Have Styles for Summer Outfits

Posted by Baretraps Shoes on Jun 22nd 2022

Are you in the market for some new sandals for this summer? Which do you value more, comfort or style? If you’re struggling to decide, this might help you figure out what kind of sandal you like based on your interests and activities.

Picture yourself at your friend’s 4th of July, backyard BBQ. What is your top priority while at the party? Are you over by the drinks, mingling with friends, are you chasing around your little ones, or do you prefer to be relaxing by the pool?

If you’re the kind to be over by the drinks, Baretraps Haron slide sandal might be the pick for you. These are a simplistic, comfortable, and cute sandal for the minimalist that wants just a touch of style. They feature a whimsical twist that feels young at heart and a slight lift for a bit of height while remaining comfortable. The berk-like material makes them very trendy and stylish.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How do I style these?” But we feel they can go with so many different clothing pieces. You can dress them up a bit with a simple t-shirt dress for a day out with friends. Or you dress them up a lot by pairing them with a long, flowy sundress for a summer wedding. You can also take the casual approach by pairing them with jeans, a t-shirt, and a cute top.

While at the party, if you find yourself chasing around your littles, you mightprefer our active Samina sandal. They are perfect for the busy mom who is always on the move. The Baretraps Samina gladiator sandal is the sweet spot between athletic performance and stylish looks with their sporty sole and its strappy upper construction.

Styling the Samina sandal is easy, as they come in so many different colors, you’re bound to find the right match for all your outfits. These style looks great with a simple jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look that can’t lose or pair them with a nice dress or jumpsuit for date night.

If your party vibe is more just sitting down and enjoy the company of others by the pool, perhaps the Baretraps Flossy slip-on sandal might be the best choice for you. The Flossey gives you just the right amount of height with a chunky, cork wedge. The woven top comes in a variety of colors and prints to give it a bit of style and personality. 

Flossey works perfectly in a stylish sarong and a wide brimmed woven hat for relaxing by the pool on the weekend or pair it with a light and airy dress for grabbing margaritas with your friends on a Friday night after work.

Which personality do you identify with the most? Did you choose the Haron slide sandal, with it’s fun leather twist? Maybe you chose the Samina gladiator sandal, with its comfy yet athletic design. Perhaps you chose the Flossey slip-on sandal with its playful, woven strap. Personally, we can find a need for all three in our wardrobe.

Whichever sandal you decided on, you can find it and more amazing summer styles on our website www.baretraps.com