Introducing Posture Plus+ Technology: The Best Shoes for Foot Health

Posted by Baretraps on Sep 24th 2019

Our days are filled with tasks we do now that we hope will pay off later. We dab a little eye cream on before bed in hopes of smoother skin later. We move our bodies a little each day, knowing that in addition to the immediate energy boost, we’re lowering our risk of disease. We set aside a little from each paycheck in order to fulfill dreams after retirement.

 But are you investing in your foot health?

The part of our body most integral to healthy movement – our feet – is also one of the most neglected. Women, in particular, have been conditioned to view foot pain as a normal part of life, a necessary and accepted part of getting dressed and moving about their day in shoes that aren’t designed with their wellness in mind. Even our Baretraps team, with access to the most comfortable shoes for women, are tempted by a killer pair of stilettos every now and then. But buyer beware! According to our friend and leading foot doctor Louis Aquino (aka Dr. Lou), many women’s shoes are more than just a pain … they are almost certainly jeopardizing your health in a big way!

Dr. Lou has partnered with Baretraps to develop a new technology that builds the benefits of a custom orthotic right into the shoe, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Introducing … (drumroll please) …


Posture Plus+ Technology is a whole new concept in comfort, going beyond cushioning to new levels of foot health. While other comfort brands focus solely on arch support (which feels really good today), Posture Plus+ Technology actually corrects your posture, which allows you to actually take advantage of the built-in support for today’s comfort, and over time, can reduce the back, joint, and foot pain that 80 percent of Americans experience largely as a result of poor posture.

Six out of seven of us either overpronate or oversupinate as we walk, meaning we walk with poor posture that affects the entire body. Our Posture Plus+ design perfectly positions your heel so your weight is properly distributed and supported throughout the shoe. This simple solution can help reduce pressure on your toes, ankles, and knees, and most of us will feel the improvement all the way up the body. 

Our Posture Plus+ fall preview collection is available now in limited styles and quantities, but stay tuned! A full collection of wellness-enhancing Posture Plus+ shoes for all occasions will be launched in the spring. We simply cannot wait for you to see the gorgeous, feminine styling in a full range of styles, from daytime sandals to date-worthy darlings, that will help you stand tall and feel amazing inside and out. If you’re ready to feel better in your shoes, make sure to sign up for our emails and be the first to know about our latest style drops and our best offers!