Our Perfect Fall Shoe Wardrobe that Makes Getting Dressed a Breeze!

Our Perfect Fall Shoe Wardrobe that Makes Getting Dressed a Breeze!

Posted by Baretraps on Sep 12th 2019

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? It’s our favorite trend for people who want to simplify getting dressed, and a way of life for minimalist fashionistas. The idea is to pare your wardrobe down to a core of high-quality, easy-to-coordinate essentials that you love and that fit well, and add personality through a small number of statement items and accessories. When shopping, you don’t buy an item simply because you love it; rather, you love it, it fits, and it will work with several if not a dozen looks you already own. This approach allows you to build a wardrobe that is easy to care for and makes it so you always feel confident in your clothing. The goal is that you’ll never again have to say, “I have nothing to wear!”

The same concept applies to your shoe wardrobe. As you plan your fall wardrobe – what you’ll keep, what you’ll purge, what you’ll add – consider which outfits you don’t wear because you don’t have quite the right shoe, or the shoe you have isn’t comfortable. Put those clothes to work for you by starting the season with a versatile, comfortable wardrobe of shoes you will actually wear! Here are our editors’ absolute essentials when it comes to comfortable fall shoes for women.


Take the time to audit your closet, friends, determine which shoes you’re missing, and fill in the gaps with the most comfortable shoes and boots for women, Baretraps! Invest in your wardrobe now, and we promise, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident all season long.