Step by Step Guide to Refreshing your Closet for Spring

Step by Step Guide to Refreshing your Closet for Spring

Posted by Baretraps Shoes on Feb 16th 2023

Can you believe that spring is right around the corner? My kitchen wall calendar tells me it’s almost here, and you better believe I am ready for some nice weather and that FRESH SPRING feeling.

I recently watched “Get Organized” — The Home Edit’s beloved Netflix show. If you are lacking motivation to start SPRING CLEANING, I highly recommend getting in the mood with this show. Today, I will share several tips I have learned specifically involving refreshing your WARDROBE and SHOE collection!

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Clea and Joanna, it’s that every spring refresh requires four important steps: edit, categorize, contain, and maintain. First up, EDIT. Let’s get rid of old flip flops and boots to make room for new *wink wink* Baretraps Spring Sandals. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

If you answered “no” to at least one of these questions, it’s time to donate. Keeping the items in your wardrobe up-to-date will not only make room for more, but ensure you're using each item intentionally!

We all know the awful feeling of starting a job and not being able to finish ­– so make sure to dedicate enough time. Set goals for your wardrobe refresh and start your spring cleaning with the clear intention to finish. Maybe you even reward yourself with a new pair of Rebound or Posture Plus+ sandals if you complete within a set amount of time! 

Here is an example of an equation to stay committed: Goals + Timeframe + Rewards = Commitment

Let’s be honest, not everyone will have enough time to get everything done in one, 2-hour timeframe. So plan to break up steps as needed!

First, you should determine when you will have time. Maybe pick four days, dedicating an hour each day to get a task done. Perfect! Let’s go through our tops & blouses first, adding all the ones you are getting rid of into the donation bag.

Next might be bottoms & jeans. Save the best for last – your SHOES.

Once these smaller tasks are done, set aside time to stop by your local consignment shop or women’s shelter to donate the items you no longer need. 

If your goal is to maintain organization over the entire season – now is your opportunity to give your shoe area a new and functional look. Here’s four simple steps we use to stay organized:

Step one • Invest in Organizers: Shop for new shelving, storage containers, or shoe trees that help visual organization. It’s important to be strategic about how we store our shoes.

Step two • Organize into Sections by Function: Think about your wardrobe and shoes as stations or zones when you organize. For example, intentionally categorize your everyday sandals, wedge sandals, comfortable shoes (the ones you wear the most) in an easy-to-see place. If you can quickly recall where your slip-on sandals go, you’ll be much more likely to put them away, making it easier to maintain your system.

Sometimes defining the type of activity can help you create each category. We like to separate our sections into bite size chunks like On-The-Town, Errands, and Date Night.

Step three • Organize by Color: Organizing by color can be visually appealing and also a great way to plan outfits! Think of your closet as the palette of your life. What color clothing do you tend to wear the most?

HINT: You can figure this out by organizing everything by color and seeing which section has the most items. If you stick with this color palette, it will be much easier to build outfits.

Step four • Plan Ahead: Take time to plan outfits can help you stay organized and make the morning operate much smoother.

Deciding what to donate can sometimes be a painful process, but you and I both know that we’ll be adding new spring sandals to our closet, so we might as well prepare for it.This is an ideal time to donate gently used shoes to a local consignment store, charity, or women’s shelter.

And now the fun part! NEW SANDALS. What styles are going to be trending big this season you might wonder? Our experts tell us: Retro Wedges, Statement Pieces, Bold Color and most of all, VERSATILITY.

Retro is back and better than ever! If the Baretraps Bethie slide sandal was your jam last year, good news, it’s back in new colors! Plus, a couple refreshed styles we think you’ll love, including the Blenda & Bonita Wedge sandals! These styles feature the original construction of the Bethie with new and improved uppers. They include woven details, retro cutouts and straps that wrap around the ankle! The Retro Shop is a great place to find your reward.

Does a statement piece really ever go out of style? Not these Baretraps Shoes! Statements can range from a fun pattern, ankle interest, to a small kitten heel. The Baretraps Brenda sandal with Posture Plus Technology is a fun statement that can turn into a staple for your wardrobe. Wear it on outings with the girls or date night with your partner! The Baretraps Velvet sandal is another comeback style! As one of our TOP BOUGHT styles, we updated it with a new variety of colors! Check out the Statement Style Shop for more fun styles!

Bold and Bright is always better! Color will be another major trend this summer. We brought back multiple classics and new styles featuring the colors of the rainbow. If you LOVED the Flossey slip-on sandal last year, check her out in our magenta purple. The Baretraps Dawny sandal is a new style that comes in many colors and is built with our Posture Plus technology. The Color Shop is waiting!

Versatility is one of the most important trend this summer. Truthfully, we all need a style that can be great for work and play. We’ve selected the best styles for the Versatility Shop so you can get the best of both worlds!

Check out our favorite flatform, the Tasmine sandal! During the day, she is a fun little slip-on that can be worn to the park or by the bay. At night, she can be dressed up for a fun night on the town!

Need a little extra support? The Demitra sandal is another great slip-on containing Posture Plus Technology and features elegant cutouts and toe strap detailing.

I hope these tips have been helpful. Whichever direction you decide to go, I wish you a wonderful – and clean – spring season. Don’t forget to check out our entire selection of new Baretraps shoes for the season.