The Best Comfy Sandals For Mom

The Best Comfy Sandals For Mom

Posted by D E Bradley on Apr 12th 2023

All Moms love a good pair of sandals in the summer. They are practical enough to keep our feet comfortable and cool while we handle our errands on the weekdays and enjoy family time on the weekends. However, we can fall back on old boring styles for convenience's sake. The latest line of White Hot Sandals from Baretraps women's shoes show that we can enjoy something much better.

One of the big trends for May is to go for clean white sandals that offer a refreshing look for the summer. We can pair these comfortable shoes with all kinds of summer outfits for days out with the kids or running errands in warmer weather.

Don't assume that white is boring. It really doesn't have to be when you find a great design that marries a stylish structural design with a natural platform. Here are some options from Baretraps women's sandals and their White Hot line that caught my eye this season and are perfect for spring celebrations.

1) Dawny

Let's start with a top notch comfort style. The Baretraps Dawny wedge sandal is one we can all appreciate for casual events or lounging around with the kids. The slip-on design with the understated material makes this really convenient, while the orthotic Posture Plus insole in the platform provides long-term comfort.

2) Demetra

The white Baretraps Demetra slip-on wedge is a lot more eye-catching with the cut-out design on the broad upper and the chunky white platform. This will make more of a statement while out at weekend picnics or the farmers market, but it is still a highly comfortable and practical pair of walkable wedges.

Bonus! The Demetra has Posture Plus Comfort Technology!

3) Olicia

The Baretraps Olicia white espadrille sandal provides a softer and more feminine design for Mother's Day. The cute cut-out floral band is complemented by natural tones and textures on the ankle strap and platform. You get the same height as other wedge sandals but also more security with the buckled strap and covered toes. This one might be better for chasing kids around the park on Sunday afternoons.

4) Marta

The Baretraps Marta strappy wedge sandal is another high ankle style that provides support and comfort for moms on their feet all day. It features a contoured back, strong angle strap, and padded insole. However, the vibe is completely different from the decorative feminine Olicia. This one uses a retro mesh effect to lighten the shoe and accentuate the foot.

5) Bonita.

Finally, we need to talk about the more commanding Baretraps Bonita wedge sandal. This one is much less casual with its thin ankle straps and more pronounced heel. This is for when the kids are with their grandparents, and Mom gets to go out for brunch or a cocktail. It is impactful, but there is still a good blend of comfort and style thanks to the cushioned insole and adjustable closure.

The clean cut-out designs and natural materials of our new Spring Baretraps Women's Sandals are a perfect choice, whatever you end up doing this Mother's Day. The comfort features and classic styles also make them versatile for a whole season of fun. I'm sure there will be a style that becomes your go-to pair for summer. Find the style you’re looking for at