Improve Your Posture

80 percent of Americans deal with back, joint, and foot pain issues. Baretraps Posture Plus+ technology aims to alleviate this soreness for lasting comfort. Our insole design seeks to balance, align, support, and provide relief throughout your entire body, not just your feet. Posture Plus+ shoes and insoles feature a supportive heel cup and arch that help better align your foot offering posture-correcting benefits for improved foot health. Our Posture Plus+ collection is ever-expanding, from office to casual wear, you will always be able to find the best style for every occasion.

Why Posture Plus+ is right for everybody!

Promotes More Effective Movement +

Posture Plus+ works differently than other comfort shoe technologies in the marketplace, going beyond just added arch support. Our design perfectly positions your heel so your weight is properly distributed and supported throughout the shoe. This simple solution can help reduce pressure on your toes, ankles, and knees, for an overall improvement all the way up the body.

Encourages Better Posture +

Six out of seven adults have poor posture, and more than 80 percent of Americans suffer from back, joint and foot pain. The Posture Plus+ heel cup is designed to help maintain your posture for long-term comfort and wellness.

Helps Relieve Joint & Heel Pain +

Custom orthotics are great for correcting many of the causes of chronic pain, but they are expensive and can be inconvenient to find. Posture Plus+ bridges that gap by building proven orthotic technology right into a shoe that customers are excited to wear.

Doctor Designed +

Baretraps partnered with leading foot Dr. Louis Aquino, DPM, FACFAS, to help design our Posture Plus+ technology. Dr. Lou treats patients every day who could feel better today and for life if they put a higher priority on wearing shoes that support their foot health and posture.