Fit is Everything! Four Styles to Help You Achieve It.

Fit is Everything! Four Styles to Help You Achieve It.

Posted by Baretraps on Jun 6th 2019

We all reach a point when we realize that no matter how much we love a certain item of clothing, if it doesn’t fit our body well, it won’t look good, even if it looks amazing on our friend. And the fit of your shoes is even more crucial. Ill-fitting shoes can cause issues like plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, inflammation and nerve pain, and even soreness in your lower back. Ouch! As a brand known for making the most comfortable shoes for women, Baretraps makes it easy to get the right fit this summer. Here are four of our favorites for hard-to-fit feet.


Sometimes the answer to ill-footing shoes isn’t as simple as sizing up. If you were born with wide feet, or if your feet have become wider due to pregnancy or the spreading that can happen over time with flat feet, it’s time to consider a wide shoe. Check out the Kirstey sandal, one of the most versatile and classic sandals in our collection, available in a wide width.


Phoenix is a full coverage sport sandal made with a fly knit textile for a sock-like fit. These feel amazing on everyone, but will be especially loved by those with a high instep (seriously, you have to try them!). The adjustable ankle strap accommodates everyone’s needs for a perfectly secure fit.


Debera is an on-trend wedge sport sandal that is adjustable in two places: across the top and around the ankle. These Baretraps Rebound sandals will feel as good in the evening as they did in the morning, because you can change the fit as your feet swell throughout the day. If you’re doing some serious walking this summer, you’ll want these in your closet!


One of our most well-reviewed styles, Dinah is a better-than-barefoot sport sandal that adjusts in three places: across the toe, across the top, and at the ankle. We dare you to find a more comfortable shoe anywhere on the planet!

Baretraps is known for making shoes that support your feet and feel ahhh-mazing on all types of feet, and at a price that makes comfort accessible to all. Peruse our collection to find your perfect fit!