Rebound Technology

Boundless Energy
in every step!

Baretraps developed their Rebound Technology to combat and help prevent stress that stems from poor footwear. A three-layered construction that uses lightweight materials, energy rebounding technology, with arch and heel support provide the all-day comfort you need. Say goodbye to shoes that leave you with a painful and irritated body, and say hello to Baretraps Rebound Technology footwear.

Rebound Technology

Baretraps Rebound Technologyâ„¢
Featuring a multi-layered, dual-density system for ultimate comfort!

  • Antimicrobial shield for odor & bacteria control
  • Built-in arch support
  • Vibration absorbing for comfort on impact
  • Responsive sole with bounce energy
  • Ultra lightweight construction
  • Slip-resistant tread
  • Dual-density layered system for support, stability and cushioning
  • EVA foam for an added layer of cushioning and comfort
Rebound Technology
  1. Antimicrobial Shield

    Rebound shoes are treated with our antimicrobial shield to control odor and bacteria.

  2. Built-in Arch Support

    Arch support can help improve a person's posture because they will be more balanced. This can help lessen foot pain and problems related to imbalance and a lack of proper support.

  3. Responsive Sole Technology

    Our multi-layered system is designed to respond on impact, giving you an extra bounce with every step!

  4. Vibration Absorbing

    Our dual-density layered system provides extra comfort on impact, support, stability and cushioned comfort in key pressure areas.

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