How to Style Outfits Perfect for the Fall to Summer Transitional Season

How to Style Outfits Perfect for the Fall to Summer Transitional Season

Posted by Baretraps Shoes on Sep 15th 2021

Summer is coming to an end and fall styles are starting to flood the department store floors. While it is starting to cool off in some areas of the country, many places are still experiencing summer heat. Typically, we find it can be difficult to put together great summer to fall outfits from what’s on the rack. Maybe you feel it’s just too hot to rock your new trendy sweater or too cool for your favorite summer dress.

Transitioning your style from summer to fall can be difficult to master. So, we’ve combined our favorite summer pieces with trending fall styles to give you a few cute transitional outfit ideas this in between season.

This outfit is a great example of how we combined summer trends with favorite cold-weather pieces. Linen was one of the biggest trends this summer. It’s lightweight and flowy shape helps keep you cool while also retaining a summery feel. The shorts are combined with a neutral, fuzzy sweater whose key component is its turtleneck. Turtlenecks are a fall/winter staple and will help add that fall flare to this transitional piece.

Shoes are another important part to styling any transitional outfit. The secret to great transitional shoes is finding close-toed styles like the Baretraps Jaci bootie. This street shoe is made of faux leather and reflects a boot’s styling, while not actually being a boot. Making it the perfect choice for a transitional shoe.

Accessories are a must to complete any great outfit. For this look we added two main accessories, which differ in seasonal trends. First the look and texture of this wool hat leans towards fall trends due to the warmth that wool fabric can provide. Second, the woven style handbag like this one, is a summer-based look and leans on the neutral trend that was so popular. The mix of these two textures, wool and woven, combined the best of both seasons.

If you live somewhere that has already cooled down, we picked out a style that would be perfect for you.

The foundation of this styling is the cream sweater and denim jeans. We chose a sweater that is light weight making it easier to layer up for the cold or to remove a layer when it gets hot. It also has a mock neck detail that adds a fall flare. This is paired with a basic high-rise denim jean that has some distressing at the bottom. These jeans are a wardrobe staple and can be found in most closets.

The Baretraps Amysue bootie is great choice for a colder weather transitional style. It has a combat boot styling that’s adds to the distressed edge of the jeans. This combination makes the outfit a colder transitional style that isn’t quite fall.

Adding some dimension to the look, we layered on a corduroy shacket. Shackets are a perfect addition to any transitional outfit because they are a combination between a jacket and a shirt. These tend to be over-sized and lighter weight than a traditional fall jacket. We also added in a belt with woven detailing and textures. This style belt was popular during the summer months because it reflected the boho, neutral trend. We rolled this style over to pair it with the texture and color of the corduroy shacket.

This outfit is equally professional, casual, and fun. The black blouse gives the look a professional feel, while also having flirty accents. Crisscross straps in the back and the flowy sleeves make the look more embellished and fun. The midi skirt is made of a ribbed sweater material that can keep you warm but is also on trend for fall.

The Baretraps Nevin slip-on shoe is a good way to bring some style to this otherwise basic outfit. The leopard print matches the overall color scheme of the outfit and gives a laid-back feel. They also have touches of cognac leather that matches the styling of the accessories.

As an accent to this outfit, we added a leather purse and belt. The purse is pretty basic but has some boho styling from the slanted shape of the front pocket. This ties back to the slants in the fabric of the midi skirt. To finish the outfit, we added a belt to better show the natural waistline. This statement piece is a necessity for this outfit to split up the colors of the black blouse and rust skirt. You can also try a leopard print belt here to pull in the pattern of the Nevin shoe.

We love fall fashion and we are starting to gear up for the cold weather, but because it’s still warm means we can’t completely ditch the summer trends. The Jaci, Nevin and Amysue styles each uniquely provide you with the comfort technologies Baretraps products are known for, while still being great for the summer-fall transition.

Embrace the season change in style! Mastering it can be difficult but is worth it once you do.

Check back for more styling tips and trends for your favorite Baretraps