Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Summer is a season filled with sunshine, relaxation, and exciting adventures. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, enjoying a day out with friends, or simply embracing the joys of the season, Baretraps shoes are the perfect companion for all your summer activities. From winery outings to beach vacations, spa days to backyard BBQs, our stylish and comfortable footwear ensures you step out in confidence and comfort. Join us as we explore a variety of summer adventures and the perfect Baretraps shoes to accompany you on your journey. So, pack your bags, slide on your Baretraps shoes, and let's make this summer one to remember!

  1. Winery Outing

A winery outing is a delightful way to spend a summer day, indulging in fine wines and beautiful vineyard views. The Wilma wedge sandal is the perfect footwear choice for a winery visit. With their comfort and style, you can stroll through the vineyards, attend a wine tasting session, and relax on the patio with a glass of your favorite wine, all while looking stylish and feeling comfortable. If you love the Wilma, you will also love the Frolick, the Farah, and the Pearl.

  1. Spa Day

A spa day is the ultimate indulgence, offering a chance to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself. The Brett  and  The Queenie slide sandals are ideal companions for your spa retreat. Their easy slip-on design makes them perfect for lounging around the spa while indulging in massages, facials, and other lavish treatments. Your feet will experience ultimate comfort, ensuring you feel relaxed and revitalized throughout your spa day.

  1. Plan a Beach Vacation

Dreaming sun, sand, and sea? A beach vacation is the ultimate way to soak up summer vibes. The Noya and The Nat  from Baretraps are your go-to footwear for a beach escape. With their easy slip-on design, they're perfect for leisurely walks along the shoreline, lounging poolside, or exploring charming coastal towns. Combining comfort and style, these sandals make beach strolls a breeze while effortlessly sliding on and off for sandy adventures.

  1. Backyard BBQ

A backyard BBQ is a quintessential summer gathering, filled with delicious food, good company, and laid-back vibes. Whether you choose The Gwenda  sneaker or The Tracey Sandal, you're opting for footwear designed for both comfort and style. Featuring rebound technology, these shoes provide extra comfort as you socialize with friends, engage in outdoor games, and savor grilled treats.

  1. Patio Drinks with Friends

Gathering with friends for patio drinks is a great way to enjoy summer evenings, sipping cocktails and catching up with loved ones. The Savannah Wedge or The Michaela Block Heel are the perfect footwear choice for a patio drinks outing, offering height and style without sacrificing comfort. With our selection of wedges and block heels, you'll elevate your summer look and feel confident as you enjoy drinks and conversation on the patio. If you love the Savannah you'll love The Sophie Wedge!

  1. Picnic in the Park

A picnic in the park is a classic summer activity, offering a chance to enjoy nature, delicious food, and quality time with loved ones. The Rachael Slingback Flat or The Ersula Fisherman Sandal are perfect footwear choice for a picnic. Featuring BubbleTech with targeted cushioning, these shoes ensure casual comfort as you lounge on the grass, partake in outdoor games, and savor your picnic feast. With Baretraps flats, you'll be well-equipped for a day of outdoor enjoyment and relaxation.

  1. Visit Local Farmers Market

Visiting a local farmers market is a wonderful way to support local artisans and farmers while stocking up on fresh produce and handmade goods. Our slip-on sandals The Fresha or The Venus  are the perfect footwear choice for a day at the farmers market, offering comfort and ease as you browse stalls, sample local treats, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. With our slip-ons, you'll be ready to explore the market and discover fresh finds.

  1. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Summer concerts are back, and we've got your footwear covered! Whether you're grooving to the beat in our classic comfort sandals like The Jaxen or rocking out in our summer booties like The Charolette, you'll enjoy both comfort and style as you dance the night away under the stars. Get ready to make unforgettable memories at your favorite summer concerts with our versatile sandals that blend fashion and function seamlessly!

  1. Spend the Weekend at a Lake

A weekend getaway at a lake is a great way to escape the city and embrace nature, offering opportunities for swimming, hiking, and relaxing by the water. Our slip-on and go rebound sandals are the perfect footwear choice for a lake weekend, offering support and durability as you explore nature trails, enjoy water activities, and soak up the scenic views. With The Tilly, or  The Deserae you'll be ready for outdoor adventure and lakefront relaxation.

We hope this guide has inspired you to make the most of the season, embracing every moment with confidence and flair. So, as you pack your bags and slide on your Baretraps shoes, remember to cherish these summer moments, create lasting memories, and step out in style. Here's to a summer filled with sunshine, laughter, and unforgettable adventures. Cheers to making this summer truly exceptional with Baretraps by your side!